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UBC Old-Growth Walk

  • Trail 7 and Old Marine Drive Vancouver, BC, V6T 1A7 Canada (map)
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Join the Endangered Ecosystems Alliance's Ken Wu for an interpretive walk focused on the trees, plants, wildlife, and ecology of the old-growth forest surrounding the UBC campus in Pacific Spirit Regional Park.

Few people realize that, due to the rugged terrain, a roughly 50 hectare patch of old-growth Douglas-fir, western redcedar and Grand fir forest with dozens of giant trees between 4 to 8 feet wide was left unlogged near the UBC campus. This little patch of old-growth forest is sadly, one of the largest tracts of old-growth forest left within the Eastern Very Dry Maritime forest type of the Coastal Western Hemlock zone in BC. It is located within Pacific Spirit Regional Park in Musqueam territory. Learn about the ecology of old-growth forests and about the Endangered Ecosystem Alliance's campaign for more ambitious, ecosystem-based protected areas targets in the lead-up to the UN Biodiversity Conference in October, 2020 when new protected areas commitments for Canada and the world will be negotiated. This event will be both an educational walk and a fundraising event for our young organization.

No dogs permitted on this tour

By donation.

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Big Lonely Doug and Eden Grove Hike!


Big Lonely Doug

The first public interpretive hike

Join us for the FIRST public interpretive hike to the spectacular Big Lonely Doug, Canada's 2nd largest Douglas-fir, standing alone in a clearcut. This massive tree was first measured and nick-named by the Endangered Ecosystems Alliance's Ken Wu and by TJ Watt in 2014. Learn about this iconic tree - the subject of numerous articles, documentaries, and a major book - and learn about the old-growth forest ecosystem that Doug once grew in from forest activists Ken Wu and TJ Watt. Afterwards, hike to the adjacent Eden Grove, one of the finest unprotected ancient forests in the world that few have seen.

Find out what YOU can do to protect BC's endangered old-growth forests and to scale-up the protection of endangered ecosystems across Canada in the lead-up to the UN Biodiversity Conference in October of 2020 where a new protected areas target will be set for Earth, including Canada.

Final parking area and hike starts 40 minutes from Port Renfrew, in Pacheedaht territory on Vancouver Island.

No dogs allowed due to the abundance of bears, cougars, wolves, and other wildlife in the area.

No participants will be allowed who cannot safely undertake a moderate-to-difficult level hike.

All Participants must sign waiver forms before the hike - no exceptions.

Take note that this is both an awareness-raising event and a fundraising event. The proceeds from this special event will greatly help the Endangered Ecosystems Alliance undertake our national mobilization campaign that will scale-up ecosystem protections across the country (including to protect BC’s last old-growth forests), an effort that will help avert both the extinction and climate crises.

Meet at Avatar Grove at 2 pm to meet and greet, sign waiver forms, and then go in a car convoy for another 15 minutes to the last stop/parking location before hiking to Big Lonely Doug (again, only hikers with a moderate to high level of hiking experienced can participate).

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Averting the Extinction & Climate Crises: Protecting 50% by 2030


For the first time in decades, environmental concerns have risen to the top of public concerns in the western world, and movements such as the Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thunberg’s Global Climate Strike (Sept.20 to 27) are taking hold among millions of people as movements work to confront the dual crises of mass extinction and climate catastrophe.

The Endangered Ecosystem Alliance’s executive director Ken Wu and renowned forest ecologist Dr. Andy MacKinnon (***take note that Tlaoquiaht educator Gisele Marin cannot make it now, but will speak on Nov.8 at another event we are organizing…watch for details) will give spectacular, informative and compelling slideshow presentations on how vastly scaling-up the protection of Canada’s diverse native ecosystems - from temperate rainforests to prairie grasslands, from deciduous forests to boreal forest - will be a game-changer in helping to avert both the mass extinction and climate change crises along with major emissions reductions.

Find out about the diversity of ecosystems in BC and across Canada, and where the BC government and federal governments are at in efforts to scale-up their protection in the lead-up to the UN Biodiversity Conference in Kunming, China, in October of 2020.. Learn about what YOU can do to greatly diversify and expand the movement to save ecosystems and the climate during this unprecedented window of environmental activism.

This event will be both an awareness raising night and a fundraiser for our new organization heading into our 1 year national mobilization leading up to the Oct, 2020 UN Biodiversity Conference.

There will also be free snacks, coffee, tea, and juice.

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