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Please donate any amount to help us launch our new organization! We are a new organization, with a wealth of experience, know-how, and dedication. We promise to change outcomes for this beautiful planet as we grow through your help in funding, capacity, and strength!

Donate via Paypal/Credit Card via the donate button above, or make cheques out to the "Endangered Ecosystems Alliance" and send to Endangered Ecosystems Alliance, PO Box 21573, Vancouver, BC V5N 5G2.

Note that donations to the EEA are not yet tax-deductible, as the organization currently is a registered not-for-profit corporation but does not have federal charitable status as of this time.


Upcoming Projects and Funding Needs:

$5,000 - Develop video series, the “Amazing Ecosystems of Canada”

$5,000 - Commission a Preliminary Report on the Status of Native and Endangered Ecosystems in Canada.  Cost for key Mapping

$3,000 - Draft legislation for a National Endangered Ecosystems Act

$2000 - Develop major online mobilization tools, including Send a Message websites, to protect endangered ecosystems

$25,000 - Hire key part-time staff for 2019:  Administration and Development Coordinator

For more information on our goals and approach, go to: