You can help Endangered Ecosystems Alliance (EEA) be a game-changer in the environmental movement please donate below or mail a cheque!

Any amount will help! We are a new organization, with a wealth of experience, know-how, and dedication. With your help, we will mobilize millions of Canadians to ensure the federal and provincial governments get serious about meeting Canada's UN commitment to protect at least 17% of the country by 2020 and 50% by 2030.

Cheques can be made out to the "Endangered Ecosystems Alliance"

Endangered Ecosystems Alliance

PO Box 21573

Vancouver, BC

V5L 5G2

Note that donations to the EEA are not yet tax-deductible, as the organization currently is a registered not-for-profit corporation but does not have federal charitable status as of this time.


Projects you are supporting:

$5,000 - Develop video series, the “Amazing Ecosystems of Canada”

$5,000 - Commission a Preliminary Report on the Status of Native and Endangered Ecosystems in Canada.  Cost for key Mapping

$3,000 - Draft legislation for a National Endangered Ecosystems Act

$2000 - Develop major online mobilization tools, including Send a Message websites, to protect endangered ecosystems

$10,000 - National Presentation Tour (BC, Alberta, Sask./Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Atlantics) between September, 2019 to May, 2020 (Note: Newfoundland and the Territories will come later)

$25,000 - Hire key part-time staff for 2019:  Administration and Development Coordinator

For more information on our goals and approach, go to: and