Ken Wu, EEA founder and executive director, by the badlands in the Red Deer River Valley in southern Alberta.

Ken Wu, EEA founder and executive director, by the badlands in the Red Deer River Valley in southern Alberta.


The Endangered Ecosystems Alliance (EEA) is a new non-profit conservation organization founded in September of 2018 to support ecosystem literacy, the science-based protection of all native ecosystems, and the economies, cultures, and policies that are aligned with sustaining native ecosystems.. The organization will work primarily at a federal level, as well as in the provinces and territories, to support the 17% federal protection target by 2020 for Canada's terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems. The organization will ultimately be working for a federal Endangered Ecosystems Act to protect all native and endangered ecosystems across the country on a much larger scale based on conservation biology principles and traditional ecological knowledge.

The Endangered Ecosystems Alliance will support regional partners in provincial campaign efforts, while also undertaking major outreach to non-traditional allies including businesses, unions, and faith groups, and diverse cultural groups in order to greatly expand the total scale of the conservation movement. Working with First Nations communities to support Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas (IPCA's) and conservation financing will be foundational for affecting positive change, while science and policy research, public education, engaging the news and social media, and major public mobilizations will also be undertaken.


Ken Wu, Founder and Executive Director

Ken Wu has worked in the environmental movement for over a quarter century, first volunteering for his Calgary high school environmental club in 1990. He was the Co-founder and Executive Director of the Ancient Forest Alliance between 2010 to 2018, and served as the Executive Director and Campaign Director of the Wilderness Committee in Victoria between 1999 to 2010. He graduated from the ecology and evolutionary biology department at the University of British Columbia and previously worked as a biologist, tree-planter, and math tutor.  


Ken Wu

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Celina Starnes

Celina has always been captivated by the diversity of ecosystems in Canada.  She deepened her knowledge about the amazing and vital interconnections we have with the rest of the natural world during her time at the McGill School of Environment.  Since then, Celina has worked as an environmental educator in numerous ecosystems – from Ducks Unlimited’s waterlogged marshes outside of Winnipeg to the mountainous Regional Parks of Metro Vancouver.  Now, settled in Vancouver, she is committed to helping environmentalist become more effective when applying their talents to conservation efforts.

Kerrie Blaise

Kerrie Blaise is an environmental lawyer with the Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA). She completed her articles with the Environment and Land Tribunals Ontario in 2016. She has a JD (2015) from Osgoode Hall Law School and was visiting student at the Allard Hall Law School at the University of British Columbia, as part of its inaugural global resource and environmental law program. Kerrie’s background in ecological science, with an MSc from the University of Edinburgh, and Bachelor of Environmental Studies from York University, informs her case and law reform work at CELA, which includes environmental assessments for radioactive waste repositories and source water protection projects with First Nation communities. Kerrie is also the co-founder of the Northern Ontario-based Ontario Wildlands Conservancy and sits on a number of boards, including the Ghost Bear Institute and the Endangered Ecosystems Alliance.

TJ Watt

TJ Watt was a Co-Founder of the Ancient Forest Alliance with the EEA’s Ken Wu, and he works as their Campaigner and Photographer. Combining his passion for conservation with professional photography, TJ works to shed light on BC’s endangered ancient forests in an effort to help see them saved. An avid ‘big-tree hunter’, you’ll find him driving rough backroads and exploring remote regions of Vancouver Island in search of the last old-growth giants. TJ was born and raised in beautiful Metchosin, BC and graduated from the Western Academy of Photography in 2007.  


Dr. Reed Noss

Dr. Andy MacKinnon


Kelly Richardson